Every stage of entrepreneurship will encounter three core issues

some people say that the entrepreneurial market is no rules at all, investors can do is to refer to the previous business case, training entrepreneurial success skills. In fact, the entrepreneurial city is also a rule to follow, at every stage of entrepreneurship, most entrepreneurs will encounter three key issues.

seed stage

1) to build a creative and dynamic team

for entrepreneurs, the quality of work?, especially in the early stage,? Is largely determined by the team behind them. This requires not only the entrepreneurial team to complete the work of high quality enough, often need to have the ability to take into account multiple tasks at the same time.

so, DanielLeong founder LawCanvas said the team needs not only the initial power, need more intellectual support.

2) to obtain customer’s initial recognition and guidance

A challenge for all

and the task for TheLorry like start-ups, like a "chicken and egg" tricky. Suppliers are expected to get a steady stream of customers when the product is on the market, and the customer needs to prove that the other side is reliable.

According to the

EdwinTay, EasyUni pioneer in the education industry, that the responsibility of entrepreneurs is very important, in other words recommend

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