Analysis of feasibility of fruit tea management of the whole

why tea to choose to join the investment are investment projects that produce tea tea, because of its brand strength to support, how, see the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

Qinhuangdao Food & Beverage Management Co., Ltd. was founded in June 30, 2007, is committed to serving small and medium food and beverage business projects. Since its inception, the use of a variety of forms of service, the customer’s success as the highest purpose, to help upgrade the business of food and beverage entrepreneurs, the continuous development of successful entrepreneurship. The company is headquartered in Qinhuangdao, under the North China (Qinhuangdao branch); Teamtop training school; Beijing Tianchuang food; brand, project research and development center and other branches. Existing staff of more than 600 people, more than 7 thousand square meters of office space, direct and cooperative stores of more than and 300.

catering industry is always a sunrise industry, the future of the catering industry will usher in a broader period of rapid development. People will spend their lives to explore the value of the food and beverage industry is undervalued, boost the development of food and beverage brand positive energy, carrying more dream entrepreneurs to success, to promote China’s food and beverage industry in the world’s highest peak.


all fruit tea market prospects

long drink is prosperous and the good momentum of development of entrepreneurial types, market sentiment incomparable, set off a new trend of the investment market, attracted countless entrepreneurs and fruit with stampede in; market demand, high-end positioning, the price close to the people, students, white-collar workers, working-class consumer groups, clear objectives, money scene unlimited.

rise of leisure consumption, compared with the traditional food and beverage industry, beverage market share rising speed, in 2016 is expected to reach 500 billion! At the same time, mass increasing demand for drinks, in 2015 reached 35000 tons of fruit! Have a clear positioning of the beverage market competitiveness strong


[all fruit tea tea investment advantages]

1, fruit tea tea close to ordinary consumers, make everyone feel worthwhile, are willing to consume, the conventional price is more than double the cost, which is profitable, and affordable;

2, join the training we will be strictly responsible for each franchisee training system. Including the range of operating technology, business philosophy, marketing strategy, etc.. After joining the headquarters to provide its management manual does not regularly carry out new technical training.

Mining supply system centralized distribution

3, raw materials are fruit tea drink strong, stable, smooth, tailored for you, the most reasonable design of the equipment list, and provide considerate service and support; all the equipment, raw materials, posters and packaging by the headquarters centralized distribution.

4, project support HQ

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