How to identify the true leader


has said that the current market has become a normal venture, however, want to join the venture to succeed, at least is the need to choose a real reliable franchisee. But now join the market a variety of fraud layer, resulting in a lot of entrepreneurs cheated. So, if we want to join the venture onto the road, but also need to choose the real leader. So, how to distinguish between true and false leader?


franchise from the Ministry of Commerce issued the regulations can be seen on the market, the so-called jumbly franchise, is quite a few do not have the basic qualifications of franchising. More is the supply of false information, misleading exaggerated performance, just as money for the purpose of. Many join leader does not have its own continuous operation ability, franchise investment is the main source of profit.

in the major business forum, is not difficult to see the question: "I am ready to start looking for a reliable point of franchisees, but it is said that many of the projects are deceptive, so how to identify them?" For entrepreneurs questions, we come together today to explore how to identify the franchise liar.

so, there is no reliable franchise? In fact, as long as the static analysis carey or can find the heart of the franchise project.

first, depending on whether you want to join the enterprise has the following qualifications.

1. joined the main company or small workshops.

2. has been in the Ministry of Commerce for the record, this is the website of the Ministry of commerce website can query.

3. asked each other to contact all the existing franchisees and the store’s address, can not be published on the problem.

4. to join the real estate business visits and the subsequent follow-up of the headquarters of the support, the words of their mouth over the headquarters of the Department of thousands of words. However, we must be careful that the franchisee is not the headquarters of child care, to ask a few.

secondly, after the qualification, in order to minimize the risk of investment, we must have a deeper understanding of the franchisee.

1, whether there is a high visibility

all well-known chain stores, on behalf of the will is its business is good, or is spent on television propaganda funds more, regardless of which one of these factors, the new franchisees are useful, for example, is also a breakfast shop, if how much is the shop, take some time to take a long time to develop their own customers, but if it is to join a high-profile franchise, "

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