Be good at doing business and tap the potential business opportunities

now I am afraid that most of the operators in the day-to-day operation of the store are waiting for customers to come home, such a business model in the current business market is no longer applicable. Some people say, "the flow of the three businesses, businesses find second-class passenger door, first-class businesses lead off the door. Lead the door is to tap the potential opportunity to change the trend to chase the trend of the guide. In fact, whether it is "or lead off the door, do business to engage in business, is to find opportunities to do business for mining business.

we love many retail counterparts are running back with others, to see people selling beer go to sell beer, liquor sell to sell liquor, like the wall of a grass, where the wind is down. As a result, the money is earned to others, and so when you get on the horse, have become unprofitable "chicken ribs".


around the store for entertainment and leisure venues, the night market life is booming, especially in the summer night, many entertainment venues will put Cara OK moved to the front of the open space, on the one hand is to attract the attention of popularity, hand can also earn some extra (sing a song dollars). You do not look, but also very attractive, every night, these places have gathered a lot of people, waiting in line to sing, but also take a lot of my popularity here.

how can we attract these people, to achieve the purpose of popularity? Together after I took home the TV set, power amplifier, VCD to store, and bought a dozen plastic stool, first, not to sing, so I have to roar themselves, someone looking, I would say: "come, sing two songs don’t money!" I heard that do not want money, who do not want to relax ah, not a few days, I became the most concentrated flow of people here, the popularity of the.

merchandise sales business is naturally better, and why? You see, those young people here for leisure, lying on the floor in front of bottled or canned beer, girls holding snacks. There are cigarette and so on, are from my shop, every night, although spent a few dollars of electricity, but also clean the "battlefield", but the harvest is very gratifying, at night to increase six, normal seventy dollars, when business is good, can reach more than and 100, the final win or I.

business opportunities everywhere, as long as the one who can do business, to achieve tangible results. Especially in the hot weather in summer, who do not like the nest at home, but too tired to go shopping, want to roar at home two throat, but also the "nuisance" of the suspect, their own fun, can provoke others angry. Now, nothing came to me, look at each other. People who have a common interest in good communication, anyway, sing sing more and do not want you to spend money, therefore, we have intentionally or unintentionally to take care of our business.

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