Method to improve the success rate of the business with a small capital what is the way to netw

business can change the status of a person in a large extent, entrepreneurship is not a simple investment, but less funding of small businesses is also very good, business groups are more and more, most of the business people are not passed in venture capital, therefore, more people will choose to start from the business with a small capital. So for this venture business with a small capital, how to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship?

1, after the first business opened. No company, can still be opened, you can still talk about business. The establishment of the company is the business needs, because there are funds, to start the invoice, there must be an official seal. Before the company’s business has yet to get on the right track, you can borrow a friend’s company to operate their own business. In this way, the risk will be reduced to a minimum. Similarly, operating costs will be low.

2, do not always stare at customers, not long winded entanglement. Pester customers.

3, the location of the good or bad, more important than the size of the store; the quality of goods, but also better than the location of the good or bad. So the choice of location and marketable products is critical.

4, the object of the transaction as their loved ones. Whether can get the support of the customer, decide the rise and fall of the store.

5, flattery before sales, not as good after-sales service. "Permanent customers" are those that satisfy customers. The satisfaction of customers " word of mouth " will bring more sales.

6, to the customer’s blame, as the "Buddha", regardless of what is to blame, we must accept it. Customer complaints are often the direction of service improvement.

7, procurement to be stable, simplified and safe. It is best to have a long-term supplier partner to ensure the stability of the supply and streamline the process, of course, do not forget to prevent the case, the need to backup suppliers.

8, only spend one yuan of customers, than spend one hundred yuan of customers, the business is more fundamental to the prosperity of. One dollar customers tend to be your regulars. It is possible for a business to grow up only if there is a stable group of regulars.

9, can not only sell what customers like, but should be sold to customers beneficial things. Everywhere from the interests of customers, the customer will eventually understand your pains, give you greater returns.

10, accelerated capital turnover. One hundred yuan turnover of funds for the ten time, it became a $one thousand.

11, meet customers to return the goods, the attitude is more friendly than the original sale. Customers from your return attitude often determines whether he or she will step into your store.

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