What types of popular joyear high quality SUV listed in Fuzhou the whole

with the popularity of the car in the market, more and more people in the life of the need to buy a car, the choice of models for the moment SUV popular! In January 7th, as a "comfortable high texture SUV" – the new king Plaza X5 grand public Dongfeng popular Fujian Bao Cheng 4S shop. According to reports, the new Jing Yi X5 is Dongfeng fashion to 2 times to upgrade the first boutique masterpiece, which lasted for 3 years and temper.

it 2720mm long wheelbase, with independent suspension system, equipped with 1.6L+5MT, 1.6L+CVT and 2.0L+6MT three kinds of power assembly, is the standard 9.1 version of BOSCH ESP manual standard electronic parking brake, a total of 9 models, the price is 79 thousand and 900 -10.89 yuan, and enjoy 8 years or 160 thousand kilometers long warranty. In order to cater to the younger generation of consumers on the intelligent interconnection of higher demand, the new king Yi X5 for the first time with the intelligent interconnection system. Dongfeng popular strive to go beyond the level of a series of product design and service policies, will create new images of X5 of one hundred thousand yuan super SUV.

what models are popular? The popularity of SUV in the present is self-evident, in view of the market has been the emergence of the product, high quality SUV joyear listed in Fuzhou, interested in time to welcome you to buy! At the same time in the market before first drive, the media has given the good new car assessment — "new images of X5 in vehicle quality to achieve a comprehensive upgrade, has forced the one hundred thousand yuan fine SUV market competition strength".

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