2016 Qinghai Lake Utopia Music Camp will be held in Qinghai Lake

7 month 8 days, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Lake Tourism Group Co., sponsored by the press conference to promote the original music Chinese · Qinghai wetland protection environment "as the theme of the" 2016 Qinghai Lake Utopia Music Camp "concert at the Qinghai Lake fairy Bay Area in July 23 to August 23rd passion.

the event by self driving, China music barn co sponsored by the "travel" and "music", designed to protect, inherit and promote the national Chinese original music, carrying forward the national traditional culture, at the same time provide a good platform for the creation of China original music. "Music camp" will invite more than and 30 well-known original bands, more than the original outstanding musicians, a different theme each day different styles, to create China’s first original music feast. At the same time, inviting hundreds of individual creative talent and the network of celebrities, together to create a Tibetan cultural creative market, live broadcast, Tanabata social equivalence of different thematic activities. Camp is expected to accommodate more than 2000 people, a collection of eating, living, traveling, playing, appreciation, entertainment, interaction, etc., the form and scale is the first case in china.

During the

music camp will be held in Qinghai, to demonstrate the classic heritage, national culture, will also organize Chinese original music jointly launched the Qinghai Lake wetland protection declaration, the establishment of "Utopia Music Camp Qinghai Lake wetland protection base", advocating civilized travel, protect the ecological environment, the protection of the creative source of inspiration of spring, will the beauty of Qinghai brand from home and abroad.


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