Determination of social security contribution base for flexible employees

Reporters from the Xining municipal social insurance administration was informed that in 2015 the city’s flexible employment pension insurance for urban workers, urban workers medical insurance payment base determined. From the beginning of July 1, 2015, flexible employment to the Construction Bank of Xining area business outlets for old-age insurance for urban workers; to the branch of Agricultural Bank of Xining area business medical insurance for urban workers.

flexible employment to pay old-age insurance for urban workers fee statistics by the Provincial Bureau of statistics the average wage of workers in the province of 60% to 100% is divided into five grades standard; flexible employment for medical insurance for urban workers, the average wage for the unified payment base on 4817 yuan, divided into two grades 4.2% and 8%.

new flexible employment insurance or renewal can voluntarily choose to pay according to the economic situation and their ability to pay. Urban workers pension insurance payment base once a year. Optional payment standards can be paid once a year or monthly, quarterly, half a year to pay, but must be paid in order to record personal accounts and interest. To pay the pension premiums over the years, it is necessary to go to the account where the county social security bureau to go back to the Bank of China after the completion of the transaction fee, according to the current interest rate and interest rate calculation. Flexible employment to the branch of Agricultural Bank of Xining area for the medical insurance payment service, the payment business should have medical insurance and medical insurance card manual. Medical insurance for urban workers shall be in the interruption of payment within 6 months of the renewal fee; if no timely renewal payment as payment interruption, pay 6 months before they can enjoy the corresponding medical treatment insurance for urban workers.

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