Promote ideological work to a new level

November 6th, provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining chaired the Provincial Standing Committee meeting to convey learning center about the spirit of the meeting, on Further Strengthening and improving the ideological work in our province, deployed in the province to carry out the "five star civilized households" to create work. The meeting heard about the "CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee on the thirteenth five year plan for national economic and social development proposal (Draft)" the drafting of the report and discussion, decided according to the meeting to discuss the revised advice, in a certain range of opinions issued.

meeting to convey Learning National Party (party) ideological work responsibility of the spirit of the forum, examined and approved in principle the "Qinghai province implementation of the" Party (party) to implement the rules for the implementation of "ideological work responsibility system". The meeting held that ideological work related to the banner, the road, the political security of the country, in the overall situation has an important position. The "implementation measures" is the Central Committee of the party, strictly adhere to the comprehensive implementation of the party ideology of important deployment principle, is to strengthen and improve the ideological work, better effective measures to safeguard the overall situation of reform and stability of great significance and far-reaching influence. Provincial Party committees (party) to deeply understand the extreme importance of ideological work, to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, the implementation of the party’s ideology principle, effectively put the responsibility on his shoulders, tasks, firmly grasp the ideological work of the leadership initiative, full of Chinese socialism in Qinghai adhere to good development good. Implement the "implementation measures", to the party to manage the party strictly and the main responsibility of the Party committee to reflect the ideological work, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen the sense of responsibility, clear responsibilities, highlighting the problem oriented, strengthen supervision and assessment, strict accountability, to ensure that the province of the "implementation rules" are hundred-percent implementation, and promote the province’s ideology work to a new level.

meeting to convey the spirit of the Fifth National Symposium on moral model, considered and adopted in principle in the province to carry out the work of the creation of the "five star civilized households". Conference believes that the "five star civilized households to create work, is to thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on the strategic deployment of home construction requirements, grasp the major projects of virtue, is an important means of social management innovation and promoting the civilization construction of Qinghai pragmatic initiatives. Party committees and governments at all levels should take the fifth session of the national moral models the spirit of the forum as guidance, adhere to the value of the lead, focusing on the mass line, create, in order to achieve the principles, strengthen organizational leadership, improve public opinion, strengthen incentive measures, improve institutional mechanisms, to create the five-star standard, carry out the rule of law and moral education, mass culture physical activity, poverty alleviation activities, civilized behavior, change bad habits. To intensify propaganda, make known to every family, to mobilize broad participation of the masses, how to strengthen the family civilization construction, to create and establish a number of typical family civilization, in promoting the mass spiritual civilization in the socialist core values of people, for strives to create three areas and build a well-off to provide strong spiritual power.


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