The first three quarters of Datong County industrial economy running smoothly

this year, Datong County, the overall situation of the industrial economy to carry out comprehensive monitoring, tracking, analysis, the development of appropriate control measures to optimize the quality of operation. In the first three quarters of the year, the county’s industrial economy continued to maintain a smooth running trend.

it is understood that, from January to September, the county’s total industrial added value of 5 billion 74 million yuan, an increase of 9.49%; total industrial output value of 15 billion 160 million yuan, an increase of 7.6%, plans to invest 48 industrial projects, as of the end of September to the 46 Construction Projects, completed an investment of 1 billion 806 million yuan, an increase of 26%, the completion of the annual objectives and tasks 85.75%, the city completed 53.11% of the annual target task. New small and medium enterprises to cultivate 134, to complete the annual target task of 92.4%,

: after a comprehensive analysis of the first three quarters of the overall industrial production growth, but the growth rate is low, affected by the market downturn, shrinking demand, electrolytic aluminum, silicon carbide, coal and other key products prices continued to slump, and focus on product yield increases and decreases, PVC, caustic soda, power generation, Aluminum Alloy, electrolytic aluminum iron, alloy was an increase of 7%. (author: Zhao Yongqin Ye min)

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