Xining traffic police jointly solve the bus stop difficult problem

days ago, Xining city traffic police detachment and the bus company to solve the problem of traffic congestion and bus station bus station to import the investigation, and take measures to alleviate the problem of the bus to stop etc..

it is understood that at present due to road traffic increases, traffic congestion caused by the city part of the road, some bus lines impassable and difficult to stop, there is a big traffic safety problems. In addition, the number of bus lines in the urban areas is not reasonable enough to set up a lot of bus stop phenomenon often occurs, resulting in individual site congestion, causing traffic jams. In order to effectively solve the city bus stop problem, alleviate road congestion, the city traffic police detachment and the bus company specialized bus stops and site settings, point meeting, in view of the existing problems, to study and formulate corrective measures. Recently, the city bus company will be based on the actual situation of the reconstruction of the bus port unreasonable, according to the different lines of additional sites in order to alleviate the problem of multi station parking.


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