Society wide angle Xining market of ultra thin plastic bags up again


since June 1st the implementation of the plastic limit, supermarkets, shopping malls and markets started paid to provide plastic bags, plastic limit implementation in nearly two months, reporters found that in addition to the supermarket still charges outside the market, small bakery, fast-food restaurants began to relent, ultra-thin plastic bags up again "".

Mr. Zhu

home Nanchuan road almost work every day in a pastry shop and the farmers market to buy Steamed Buns or noodles, plastic limit, plastic bags to store green plastic bags thickened and the implementation of paid, Mr. Zhu began every day for the price of 20 Fen m for bag. I did not expect two days ago he went to buy bread, as usual, the stall reminded him: you are my old customers, and today you buy a total of 1.5 yuan noodles, I give you free plastic bags." Then on the use of plastic bags before the use of ultra-thin plastic bags for mr.. Mr. Zhu said, he was next to a girl bought 20 Fen Steamed Buns, ask how not to give her a free bag, stall explained, only the purchase of more than one yuan to give free Steamed Buns bags, less than one yuan still need to pay to use environmental protection bags. August 9th reporter went to Mr. Zhu said the pastry shop, see the stall from time to time to explain to the customer: buy more than a dollar to provide free bread buns."

followed by reporters in the farmers market stall on a lot of people found that ultra-thin plastic bags appeared in many vegetable stall. A greengrocer said plastic limit after his hands still left a lot of thick bags, "now Richard strict" take out, and give customers free bags can attract tourists. Then the reporter also interviewed the village market garden trees and some vegetable stall, found that this phenomenon also exists, the plastic limit and no limit of ultra-thin plastic bags live in these places.

reporter consulted on the matter, Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant staff, the staff said, the farmers market has been difficult to implement plastic limit, they will increase the intensity of the inspection, found that the use of ultra-thin plastic bags stores strict processing.


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