Xining Local Taxation Bureau in 2012 to complete the investigation of tax information

The city’s land tax system in 2012 to complete the investigation of tax information, and successfully passed the Qinghai provincial tax bureau

city tax system in 2012 to complete the investigation of tax information, and successfully passed the Qinghai provincial tax bureau. This year a total of 699 enterprises surveyed, including the investigation of enterprise groups of 6, a sample survey of enterprises in, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 2 households survey. The investigation mainly includes the real estate industry, the construction industry, the transportation industry, the finance and insurance industry, the postal telecommunication industry, the service industry and so on. By the survey of corporate operating income taxable sales tax is 42 billion 61 million yuan, an increase of 8 billion 259 million yuan, an increase of 24.43%; the actual payment of business tax 1 billion 381 million yuan, an increase of 326 million yuan, up 30.90%, accounting for 66.52% of the sales tax in 2011 the actual storage.

one is to strengthen leadership, early deployment of

tax investigation work is directly to study the tax reform program, establish fiscal policy and strengthening tax management services is an important basic work of the tax administration, is a comprehensive business, financial accounting, computer operation, work organization and responsibility requirements are very high comprehensive work, is an important guarantee for tax the work and the national economic work of scientific decision-making. This year’s tax data survey involves a wide range of businesses and data, including all sectors of business tax. To this end, I place an early deployment, and actively contact the relevant departments to ensure the completion of the investigation task on time and quality.

two is to strengthen training, carefully arranged

in order to ensure the authenticity of the survey data, and actively implement the investigation to the enterprise reporting, timely release of information to the enterprise tax investigation, investigation in order to ensure the successful completion of the work and integrity of data, the training data CD issued to the enterprise, reduce intermediate links, positive answers and advice for the taxpayer data reporting, data the audit task, reporting and other aspects of the problem, to assist in the investigation of enterprises to complete the investigation.

three is a serious audit to ensure the quality of

quality is the core and soul of data, is the life and the key of tax investigation work, this high level of awareness, earnestly organize the audit, take scientific and effective measures, to ensure the quality of survey data. In accordance with the enterprise since the trial, the tax administrator of the first instance, district (county) bureau review, the final process of the City Council, layers of audit, road checks to ensure the quality and efficiency of the survey data.




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