Xining will strive to resolve the problem restricting the standard news

8 month 27 days, Xining city held the "news" news briefing, the previous stage in Xining city to create a national health city in his briefing to the central and provincial units in Qingdao news media. As of now, Xining city in accordance with the "national health city assessment nomenclature and supervision and management measures" requirements, basic requirements of application must have in addition to individual conditions, most of the indicators have been close to or exceeded the national standard. At present, the key is to solve the problem which the "news".

it is understood that, in order to complete the indicators of the "news" work, Xining city and the province’s efforts, efforts from the city infrastructure construction, vigorously carry out the patriotic health campaign, efforts to solve the key difficulty problems restricting Xining Chuangwei standard, to lay a solid foundation for the full realization of creation the national health city targets. "Xining City Patriotic Health Management Ordinance" after the amendment has been approved by the provincial people’s Congress on May 26, 2006, and promulgated and implemented, green coverage, green rate, public green area per capita, the annual API index 100 days throughout the year accounted for the proportion of the number of days, the city sewage treatment rate is far more than the national standard in recent years; no major food safety accidents, no outbreaks of type A and B infectious diseases; tobacco advertisements have been removed; the city "chusihai" work is being carried out; health status of Xining residents satisfaction rate after the evaluation has been basically close to the national standard.


, the "news" still facing great pressure. Next, Xining city will strive to address the constraints of "key and difficult problems of news" standard, "the health of the city environment in front of three" implementation of the system is not in place, the existence of Luandaluanjian, cluttered, chaotic stall point, graffiti, Luantingluanfang, mess hanging clothes "six chaos" on the front of the restaurant, the restaurant, emptying machine, the street building doors and windows, walls, pits, bankrupt enterprises etc. are the "six dirty", "six" issues such as the key; continue to strengthen the "five small" industries and farmers market remediation efforts; to solve the existing villages, urban and rural joint Ministry of health regulation the garbage in the corner, the rate of non-compliance phenomenon such as the health knowledge awareness. At the same time, continue to increase the "news" propaganda to mobilize more people to actively participate in the "news", "news" to implement the long-term mechanism of work.


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