Relax the conditions of access to enterprises in Xining the average daily market settled 60

this year, the Xining Municipal Industrial and commercial departments to reduce market access threshold, relax the access conditions of individual and private enterprises, the city’s average daily market players settled 60.

In order to further promote the

to Small and micro businesses market quickly settled in Xining City, Industrial and Commercial Bureau in the registration window open up college graduates, farmers’ cooperatives, Small and micro businesses registered "Easy Access" application, acceptance, examination and approval, the implementation of the "three priority" one-stop service, support conditions mature individual industrial and commercial households the transformation for Small and micro businesses, and tracking and guidance for its presence in the enterprise registration problems in enterprises apply for registration of the establishment of the relaxation of business scope registration, temporarily does not have the production conditions, the relevant departments need approval to engage in production and operation of enterprises, the first of its business scope of business license issued by the "project build", in order to meet the needs of enterprises during the preparation process of pre clearance. The business premises and relax restrictions, the applicant can submit the registration of residence (business premises) housing property certificate, the property management department or the housing property units, the village committee issued by the relevant certificate of registration, allows urban residents to buy commercial housing in violation of city management and environmental protection regulations, not disturbing, does not affect the residential property management, the consent of people under the premise of adjacent to handle business premises registration.

in order to further improve the efficiency, the business sector in Xining implementation of the "export of clarifying, a" and "Shouwenfuze system", "service commitment system", "service" and other measures to shorten the work time, active service, sincere service to the masses, improve service efficiency, optimize the service quality. The enterprise establishment registration, license renewal by the statutory 30 days reduced to 10 working days, and actively implement the online inspection, acceptance and examination to be made one link, the traditional "spot check" to "online review, change the past enterprise" run at least three times "to" come "," wait 5 working day "to" Lidengkequ ", greatly facilitate the business.

as of the end of September, the city’s private enterprises to add 2182, domestic enterprises of 219, farmer cooperatives, individual industrial and commercial households, 13962 households, 356. (author: Xiao Liu Fu Fangrui)

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