Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out independent risk prevention and contro

in order to further strengthen the restriction and supervision of industrial and commercial power, expand the areas of corruption from the origin, perfecting the system of punishing and preventing corruption, enhance the effectiveness of the work of corruption prevention, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau around the market supervision, administrative licensing, law enforcement and administrative affairs of the four functions, continue to carry out the risk prevention and control work in based on the work of the previous two years, with remarkable results.
by the first phase of the study and understanding of the essence of the risk prevention and control, County branch, Council of the offices control laws and regulations, three program and job functions, in accordance with the statutory powers and responsibilities "and" who exercise, who clean up "principle, the positions of power to conduct a comprehensive clean-up issues, to find out the power of the base, to determine the exercise of management and service objects all kinds of powers, making clear authority powers directory, name, content, exercise the body and legal basis, and clarify the duties and powers of the various positions, drawing the" power of external flow chart and operation of the internal power flow chart "a total of 44 pieces, progress well, with remarkable results.


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