Special recruitment for 3148 graduates to post

Online recruitment fear cheated, recruitment and no time to go…… How to find their own job satisfaction, has become a lot of college graduates job search problem. In order to help the graduates to find their satisfaction with the work in the shortest period of time in April 15th, the Xining evening news Joint City Talent Exchange Center, Qinghai University will jointly organize the "send jobs into the campus" special recruitment activities, sent to the post of Qinghai University 3148 College graduates.

it is reported that the recruitment will be held at 2 pm on April 15th at the Qinghai University science and Technology Museum held south gate plaza. There will be a number of large enterprises to provide jobs for college graduates, and job seekers face to face negotiations in order to improve the success rate of graduates. If there are consulting matters can contact the Qinghai University Yang teacher, Tel: 0971-5315060, or city talent development exchange center teacher Dou, Tel: 0971-6110140, E-mail:[email protected]  

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