Xining 1117 young members of the League were commended

May 4th, held in Xining city occupation technical school in Xining city to promote 54 spirit, to show youthful style "to commemorate the 96 anniversary of the May 4th Movement excellent team performance and recognition of the activities of Xining City, the emergence of 1117 individuals and 282 collective were commended.

commended individuals including: Bao Yanchun 458 outstanding students, Hu Xiaorui and other 301 outstanding cadres, 326 outstanding young pioneers such as Cao Yilei, Jin Na 22 outstanding youth volunteers, Li Shengcai 10 Outstanding Youth League secretary. By the recognition of collective mission branch includes: Hongxing primary school 108 54 red flag League branch, the former Camp Street Primary School 51 squadron 134 excellent Shaoxian Squadron, the first middle school of Huangyuan County Committee of the 8 54 red Youth League, volunteer service team of 22 outstanding youth volunteer group Xining second middle school students in Xining City, the first secondary school the drama club 10 outstanding societies. In the activity, outstanding societies from the Qinghai Tibet Railway Garden School 12 school to present a colorful show, from Qinghai Huangchuan middle school and 7 schools of magic cube Club Community show a wonderful community activities and excellent works to everyone in the periphery, wonderful performance won everyone’s applause.


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