Xining Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry efforts to improve the quality of agricultural pro

Xining city farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau with their own actual work, carry out the "two" comprehensive regulation, regulation of agricultural inputs, agricultural products quality and safety monitoring, Huang fish special rectification four remediation activities, the city’s agricultural and animal husbandry production environment, agricultural products market and the quality and safety of agricultural products has been significantly improved. In the first quarter of the national Ministry of agriculture routine monitoring results, Xining city agriculture, livestock and aquatic products pass rate was 100%.

on the 4 designated slaughterhouse harmless treatment facilities are not in place, 3 place is cold slaughter management is not standardized, put forward rectification construction, to detect diseases of animals and animal products (only 1899 head, feather) all harmless treatment; the purchase of "seven in one" Clenbuterol quick testing agent 40 thousand a, were allotted to three county each 500, 16478 copies of "two" Clenbuterol sampling, test results were negative.

focus on examination of fake seeds, decks infringement, push without trial and undocumented production management, investigation and seed case 2, seized 230 counterfeit seed bags; investigation of veterinary drugs in 4 cases, the confiscation of counterfeit veterinary drugs 4 (180 bottles / box), a fine of 3990 yuan. As of now, law enforcement officers were dispatched more than and 300 passengers, check the agricultural enterprises and more than 400 stores, 35 agricultural market rectification, to correct irregularities in 46 cases, and 10 cases of counterfeit agricultural.

development of Xining in 2015, the implementation of routine monitoring of agricultural products program, focusing on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center, the transportation market and the jurisdiction of the vegetable base for supervision and inspection.


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