Sunny Xining highest temperature approaching 10 degrees C

, even to Xining last day, with the temperature rising, January 30th, learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the next three days the highest temperature in the city will reach 9 degrees, or exceeded 10 degrees, which also makes even the day without precipitation in Xining will continue to dry, easy to cause winter colds and respiratory diseases.

it is understood that in January 29th, the city’s highest temperature rise to 6.1 degrees Celsius, January 30th, in the light of the sun, my highest temperature approaching 10 degrees Celsius, 9.4 degrees Celsius, it is from January 26th onwards, the city for 5 consecutive days, the highest temperature is over 5 DEG C. The next three days the city to sunny, Huangyuan, Huangzhong, Datong County, the maximum temperature will reach 8 degrees, the lowest temperature rose to minus 12 degrees. The lowest temperature in Xining is 12 degrees below zero to minus 13 degrees, the highest temperature is rising, the highest temperature in February 1st and in February 2nd will rise to 9 degrees, or more than 10 degrees.

expects January 31st to February 2nd at night during the day, most areas of our province will be cloudy or sunny day to play a leading role, but in our province south of Zaduo, Zhiduo, Nangqian there will be snow or snow weather. (author: Rong Lijun Kim ran)


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