Wang Xiaoyong in the Seven meeting of the provincial society of law the enlarged meeting of the boa

4 20, the provincial law society, the three meeting of the enlarged meeting of the board of directors of the provincial Party committee,, Secretary of politics and Law Committee was elected president of the provincial society of law, Xiao Yong.

meeting to convey important instructions of Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Central Political Committee Secretary Meng Jianzhu on law and the work of Chinese Law Association executive director of the enlarged meeting of the provincial Party committee, political and legal work conference, 2015 summed up the work, work arrangements in 2016.

Wang Xiaoyong pointed out that in 2015, the provincial law society in strong guidance of the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee and Chinese law society, unite and lead the province the majority of members of the Institute of law and law legal workers in service reform and development, the research of law, promote the prosperity of the practice of rule of law, strengthening the rule of law propaganda has done a lot of very fruitful work, in order to comprehensively promote the rule of law, building the rule of law in Qinghai province to make a positive contribution.

Wang Xiaoyong stressed that the new year, to continue to study and implement the central and provincial Party’s mass work conference and the province’s law, firmly grasp the "to maintain and enhance the main political, advanced, mass" mass organizations, to further strengthen law construction, promote legal career overall jump and vigorous the development and implementation of wisdom and strength to contribute to the "13th Five-Year" plan.

The seven session of the board of directors of the

law society, the academic committee, invited researcher, cities and counties and some counties (cities, districts) law society attended the meeting. Election of the provincial council of law, the executive director.


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