Xining will build hundreds of community postal convenience station

community postal convenience service station to be honest and convenient, I hope that in the future such a convenient network more and more, so that the lives of residents more convenient." Xining resident Chen Jun in his own community a postal convenience service station to pay the phone bill. January 9th, the latest news from the Xining post office said that in 2013, the postal sector will be four districts in Xining City, the county’s 100 new community postal convenience service station.

as a benefit, convenience new initiatives, this work has been strongly supported by government departments. This year, we will build 100 new community postal convenience service station in Xining, so that postal convenience services throughout the city community." Xining City Post Office, the relevant person in charge of the market, said in 2012, Xining post office to speed up the pace of community postal convenience service station construction, and built 101 community postal convenience service station. Community postal convenience service station by the postal sector to provide service platform, community personnel to conduct comprehensive postal services, receive letters and parcels, vote on behalf of the press, collect calls, electricity, newspaper subscriptions, etc..

according to reports, the future of community postal convenience service station will also broaden the scope of services, such as the opening of purchasing car tickets, air tickets and other services. The postal service station convenience to the community community supermarket, grocery store, pharmacy, lottery stations, kiosks and other stores to rely on, give full play to the postal logistics network, information network, delivery network integrated service capabilities and advantages, the postal service terminal extends to the community, community residents as "the door of the post office". At present, we first set up convenience outlets in the community, after the formation of a certain scale, and further increase the service function." The person in charge said. (author: Zhang Pu)

The community site

postal service station convenience and convenience

January 9th, to the South Shanxi community postal convenience service station for business people flocked to pay the electricity bills, there is a fee to pay the plane, but also pay the phone fee. I used to pay electricity bills every month, to run a few places, but also often waiting in line, and now a place to do all of these businesses, people are not many, faster, quite convenient." Took over the staff to print the payment voucher, Ms. Yang residents said happily.

Nanshan community has more than 5 thousand residents in the past to pay electricity bills, phone calls or send a parcel to the post office is far away from home, very inconvenient. June 2012, Nanshan West Community moved into a spacious and bright integrated service hall. Nanshan community staff and the postal sector consultations in the community to build a comprehensive service hall postal convenience service station. Postal service station to take a one-stop service, residents can handle communications and other payment business, operating six months time, welcomed by the residents. (author: Yan Zhuo)


commentary build community convenience net

this year, the postal sector will be built in Xining 100 community postal convenience service station, which is a fine move fine service.

support and encourage chain enterprises into the community,;

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