mprove sanitation infrastructure North five public toilets upgrade

recently, in order to further improve the district sanitation infrastructure in support of the district government, the North District Urban Management Bureau of Mao Sheng Si thirteen transfer station, transfer station, transfer station, Qi Jia City Road and Bridge Club Menyuan public toilet public toilet to upgrade.

sanitation facilities, toilets are small, but the relationship between people’s livelihood, but also a window to show the city civilization. It is understood that this upgrade will be a number of old transit station, outside the paint, wall tiles to replace the size of the toilet in the public toilet, the faucet and various facilities to replace. After the renovation of public toilets facilities will be more complete, the design will be more humane, health quality will be higher standards for the public to provide a better toilet environment. (author: Tang Rong Li Jianping)

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