Organized by the North City CDPF health knowledge lecture

in order to improve the level of disability in the area of public health, health awareness and self awareness of disease prevention, the morning of September 26th, district CDPF on the first floor of the integrated service center for the disabled to organize health knowledge lectures. From the area, towns, streets, more than 30 people with disabilities community attended the lecture.
lectures, specially invited to the hospital dietitian, on diet and health related knowledge for all systems, combined with the actual explanation of the details of the diet problems should be paid attention to in life, everyone do a finger exercises, and in daily life and production to improve health awareness, improve the prevention of various diseases, to enhance the ability of self health care, develop health behaviors and healthy lifestyle. And the release of all kinds of health knowledge publicity more than 50, more than 300 of the manual of knowledge. Disabled people to participate in the enthusiasm is very high, and actively learn to do finger exercises, aerobics. After the end of the lecture, but also for everyone to do a free physical examination, for different situations of people with disabilities, to develop a suitable life plan for the disabled, the disabled benefit. By holding health knowledge lectures, guide the majority of the disabled group changed the concept of health, health out of misunderstanding, enhance health awareness, improve health standards, expanding horizons and knowledge of persons with disabilities, people with rich spiritual and cultural life.


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