County Health and food and Drug Administration held a summary of the work of drug retail enterprises


in order to further strengthen the supervision and administration of pharmaceutical trading enterprises, and urge enterprises to standardize the operation, in August 3rd, the county health and food and drug administration organization within the jurisdiction of the 90 drug retail enterprises and chain corporation were held responsible for the drug retail enterprises GSP certification tracking inspection work conference summary.

will be on the health supervision institute director Zhao Guorong informed the Datong County drug retail enterprises GSP certification tracking inspection work, points out the existing problems in Datong pharmaceutical enterprises, to convey the relevant work requirements, and arrange for the next step of work. According to the inspection problems, put forward the following rectification requirements: 1, Business Hours pharmacy quality manager must be in-service; 2, in strict accordance with the drugsupply project management, purchase drugs from legitimate channels; 3, the pharmaceutical retail chain stores shall not be purchased drugs; 4, do the monthly drug inspection maintenance work and make drug maintenance record and nearly valid promotional records, drug zero Records Archives and records; 5, prescription sales of prescription drugs, and by prescription audit personnel and sign the deployment of personnel; 6, enterprise shall not sell the termination of pregnancy drugs; 7 health food, health food sales must comply with the requirements, shall not be sold posing as non pharmaceutical drugs the approval of products; 8, the provincial food and drug administration, are not allowed to release drugs and medical devices in promotional advertising; 9, pharmacies may not be illegal to sit Tong medicine. In response to the above requirements of the meeting at the same time to the participants issued a pharmaceutical retail business notes.  


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