People’s Park tourism the ce Festival kicked off last night

last night, lights, fireworks, people’s Park dressed under exceptionally bright, more than 150 groups of ice bloom. The ninth China summer ice art garden and the second summer · Xining Spring Festival Temple Fair opened in the beautiful fireworks and the deafening sound of gongs and drums, to decorate the sky in Xining to grow more enchanting.

last night, people’s park became a sea of joy. 19 PM, city leaders Su Rong, Wang Haihong, Zhang Qian, Tong Wang and other people came to the park and citizens with fun. Icescape, lights, tourists smile, flashing flash a collection of pictures of happiness, duck, consumption of 300 cubic meters of ice and 13.6 meters high, the ningshou tower landscape bring surprise to visitors, a riot of colours cartoon ice, brought back many childhood memories.

to love Qinghai · dream of Xining "as the theme of this ice art fair, from more than 120 Harbin Ice Art Expo Center ice sculpture master and workers, after 11 days of sculpture completed, they will be wonderful and bright show to the people of Xining. The garden party, a large theme of ice art landscape and is the main feature of this garden, 17 meters long, 16 meters long auspicious wealth happiness key, 16 meters long dream Xining theme landscape, showing the brilliant achievements of our city and made great changes in recent years, adumbrative Xining people have gradually grasp the golden key to open the door of happiness. Large interactive ice art landscape is also one of the highlights of this garden will be 100 meters long, the feelings of Qinghai big slide, horse small slide and cartoon interesting maze can make people relax, experience the fun. At the same time, 8 groups of excellent works of Harbin international ice in the magnificent, have great originality, worth watching.


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