2016 China Qinghai South Korea Friendship Week event will be held in Xining

newspaper news (reporter Xue Jun) June 14th, reporters from the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office was informed that during this year’s "Green Fair", the Qinghai provincial government and the Korean Embassy in China from June 20th to 23, jointly held in Xining "2016 Chinese (Qinghai) – South Korea friendly week". This is the first comprehensive exchange activities organized by Qinghai province and South korea.

Will carry out a series of activities during the period of

, the main high-level meeting, friendly week opening ceremony, "CEO Business Forum", "environmental protection group meeting, Ambassador speech and public diplomacy activities, Ambassador press conference, Korea agro aquatic food and commodity exhibition, Korea Tourism Fair joint theatrical performances. The South Korean ambassador Kim Jang soo to participate in the activities of the embassy officials, entrepreneurs from all walks of life, the financial sector, artists and scholars were more than 200 people in Qinghai Province, foreign affairs, finance, commerce, by letter, education, culture, news and other departments and students, the public is expected to tens of thousands of people to participate in activities.

for a long time, Qinghai and South Korea local government, chamber of Commerce, enterprises in the economy, trade, finance, science and technology, education, humanities and ecological environment and other fields to maintain friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation. Xining and South Korea Daejeon Daejeon City, South Korea, the city of the state of the city as a friendly city. In 2014, Qinghai Province, Chungnam and South Korea signed a letter of intent to establish friendly relations of highway. Hold the 2016 China ROK friendship week, intended to promote the Qinghai and South Korea at higher levels and wider area, more large-scale economic and trade cooperation, Qinghai and South Korea exchanges will become more closely to each other will become more important partner.

it is understood that the South Korean Embassy in China since 2003, with China’s local government jointly organized every year, China ROK Friendship Week activities, so far has been held in Guizhou, Hebei and other places. Friendly Zhou Guanmin concurrently, the form of human capital and trade, not only enhance the friendship between the two peoples, but also to promote the docking and cooperation between the two industries, and achieved positive results.


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