Four questions will be given the same answer

  in February 21st, after the Spring Festival to work sixth days, the newspaper sent a reporter to visit some of the city’s window units. This time, the reporter with no employment after graduating from college graduates identity, were carried out on-site or telephone consultation to the four district human resources and social security department staff, how to apply for small loans to seek help. So, the four district human resources and social security departments of the relevant staff on the same issue, the reporter will give what kind of answer? I am a college graduate, I would like to open a restaurant, I would like to ask how the loan? [unannounced visits] February 21st 16:20 to 17:30. North District: detailed advice: "what time" location: Hall of the north area of human resources and Social Security Bureau: 16:20 -16 30: a shot into the north of the city district human resources and Social Security Bureau Service Hall, gate duty desk male staff immediately got up and asked: "Hello, what can I do for?" That the reporter to consult a small loan, he enthusiastically led the reporter came to the relevant service window. I saw a female staff immediately stood up, a brief overview of the relevant policies. Reporters continue to consult, another female staff came and listened to the reporter’s questions with patience, and skillfully to reporters about the details of College Students’ Entrepreneurship and small loans, but also the scene of the budget to reporters in venture capital, puts forward advice and training, repeatedly asked the reporter what problem. Duty on the Advisory desk of the male staff also briefed reporters on some business and loans related matters. Subsequently, the staff printed a form to allow reporters to fill in the details of the contact, and that once the training will be the first time to contact the reporter. When the reporter filled out the form, the service hall came in a citizen, the reporter saw the same staff enthusiastically approached asked what business. Reporter experience: how to borrow? How to start a business? Entrepreneurship should pay attention to what issues? Some advice and answers, the reporter has clearly understand. The people here;

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