Gao Hua research in our city medical reform work

recently, vice governor Gao Hua led the relevant departments responsible comrades of the city’s medical research work.

in the investigation of municipal public hospital, Gao Hua stressed that the municipal public hospital plays a leading role in the construction of people’s satisfaction with medical and health service system, which is an important level of orderly pattern classification diagnosis and treatment, but also solve the "difficulty" and "expensive" important carrier. To further clarify the functional positioning of public hospitals in the city, give full play to its role in the provision of basic medical services, emergency and critical illness diagnosis and treatment and other aspects of the backbone. Steadily promote the management system, operation mechanism, personnel allocation, grading treatment system reform, to break in yaobu mechanism as the key link, by reducing the cost of materials and drug, cancel the drug addition and deepen the reform of the medical insurance payment standard, drug use and medical behavior and other measures, and strive to achieve the medical burden does not increase, the income of medical personnel does not reduce the health insurance fund sustainable goals.

in the grassroots medical institutions research, Gao Hua fully affirmed the achievements of the comprehensive reform of medical institutions in our city. He stressed the need to focus on consolidating and deepening the results of grassroots health care reform, adhere to the problem oriented, detailed measures to implement the reform tasks. Further improve the basic drug system, basic medical and health institutions operating compensation mechanism and incentive and restraint mechanisms, improve the performance appraisal methods. Overall optimization of the allocation of medical resources, improve the division of labor and cooperation in the medical service system, and promote the expansion of high-quality resources to the grassroots, to guide patients in the grassroots first diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.


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