Ninth Xining FRST Youth Film Festival finalists finally settled

In June 13th, with the end of the trial meeting lasted 12 hours, the ninth session of the Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival finalists finally settled, finally in 1117 films from 37 countries, 67 film break, which student film competition finalist 29, youth film contest finalists 38. It is reported that the finalists film premiere accounted for 80%.From the overall situation of the

films, FIRST continuation of orientation diversity consistent, art and commercial films of different dimensions of the film form of the principle of tolerance, let the creation oriented different directors can find expression in the foothold. As a focus on the promotion of youth director debut film festival, it is worth mentioning that this short film FIRST several directorial debut, the film language, narrative style, theme exploration attempts and other aspects of delight.

because the documentary quality is generally high, this documentary is more fierce competition, whether it is to discuss the social issues in depth, or to individual survival state mining, presents the social value of documentary. Student unit finalists film, Communication University of China graduate student Ma Qianwen’s work "alive" is to stimulate the preliminary evaluation of the judges for the documentary evaluation criteria.

the same as in previous years, the short film is still a controversial part of the more intense. It is worth mentioning that the comparative competition between the same theme has become a major feature. In the same type of three screen experimental film, "Sichuan" on the decline of the industry and the relationship between people is more clear, high evaluation. Similar felt animation "species" and "blooming", both finalists.

is reported that the main contest 67 finalists have been sent to review the hands of the judges, the 7 judges will be reviewed in June 28th to determine the final list of nominated films.


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