Xining west district implementation of the two long system to solve the problem is not overnight

floor to solve the problem, but the point of the long street to solve the problem, not overnight

Qinghai news network news recently, the reporter learned from the West District of Xining City, the relevant departments in the work to create a national civilized city, the West District of Xining city in accordance with the principle of "one street, a long segment management, enhancing the overall, in the implementation of" Long Street "and" building of "working system, area management by the city grid, city environment, public spirit has greatly improved.

in accordance with the "main street cadres at county level, the functions of the Bureau package alleyways, town (community) package of resident building" principle, on the area of grid division, equipped with 45 "Long Street" and a number of "building the Dean, in the streets, buildings listed public responsibilities, supervision of telephone and other information and accept supervision by the masses, will manage the content and standard printed book, as a guide and evaluate the effect of management basis, accomplish responsibility management full coverage, no blind spots, seamless docking. And improve inspections, reports and other related institutional measures, the implementation of the "floor" and "Street long" normalization inspection responsibility system.

"Street long" and "building Dean" often goes into the area, store operating households, residents of the home to carry out visits, face-to-face talk activities, people needed to know the hope, ideas, looking for a shortcut, think of ways to help solve practical problems and difficulties in the implementation of city management, no leakage, fine hole. (author: Guo Jia Liu Haiyun Xi Tao)

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