Open shop one shot the six elements of note

nowadays, with the continuous development of the network, a lot of people are paying attention at home can also start to get rich, that is, open shop, then open the shop also has the knack of open shop?. But we should also pay attention to a lot of factors, so as to avoid going astray".

1, bad things out in a shot, on the other hand, buyers even 1 cents, do not spend in a ragged thing above 2, the postage is very expensive, there are a lot of things cheap shot postage sellers is certainly great, afraid of something cheap shot out I hope, with postage to make up for it. If this idea is also the seller is completely mistaken, empathy, who will spend even one or two times higher than the usual postage for something? A value of 60 yuan, were sold for 10 yuan price, but the postage is 50 yuan, with people what to buy you here?

3, publicity is not enough I go to shoot 1 yuan, found a lot of things is not good, is not the postage is not reasonable, why no one actually shot? Once participated in a dollar shot, more publicity.

4, and most important point: Taobao has many sellers are agents, they a lot of things are the same, yisou a large, there is no price advantage, the best time in a yuan shoot, put your things in their own language to express, is equivalent to the one and only, when buyers one yuan to shoot and can not find the same product, of course, will choose you!


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