Taobao stores have to look at the novice

The rapid development of

e-commerce, open shop has become a very popular way to start now. So, Taobao stores fly it? Regular companies in the trade and Industry Bureau can be found certified registration, is more reliable. According to statistics, at present, 90% of Taobao sellers are not selling their goods, but consignment consignment goods.

Taobao stores reliable? In other words, do other large shop franchise shop outlets, the whole process of the transaction is probably in the franchise sales of goods shop, the corresponding commodity types and their buyers contact to supply, then supply the goods to the buyer directly taking place after the buyer receiving Alipay payment, then stores to supply Alipay’s confirmation of payment, the completion of the transaction.

Taobao stores reliable? Looking for a regular brand to join, you can make detours, to prevent deception, and the company will give you more guidance. Taobao’s profit is the difference between the price paid by the buyer and the price paid to the supplier.


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