What are the matters needing attention of College Students

now, college students venture capital has entered the side of the majority of college students, then, what are the matters needing attention? According to the individual, Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff, has been the implementation of relevant policies, college graduates in the relevant formalities of self-employed, in addition to bring all the required materials, put forward the relevant application, but also to bring the university graduates employment recommendation, graduation certificate and other relevant information.

benchmark interest rate


A, short-term loans

within six months (including six months)   6.10  5.85

six months to one year (including one year)   6.56  6.31

two, long-term loans

three to five years (including five years)   6.90  6.65

Five years or above

three, individual housing provident fund loans

five years (including five years)   4.45  4.20

Five years or above

reading application

can provide the guarantee of the third party in college, apply for loan guarantees, the guarantor has good economic ability and good credit. Generally small secured loans can be about 50 thousand yuan, the better the guarantor’s qualifications, then the amount of credit can be higher.


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