Store location choice need to be cautious

In fact,

location contact stores and their choice is very close, the slightest mistake is likely to lead to a big mistake, become a burden. How can we find a good store location?

geographical segmentation strategy

location analysis of the geographical segmentation strategy refers to the climate, topography, land forms and road relation between geographical conditions of the detailed analysis, the choice of shop location strategy. Mainly from the following aspects:

Dianzhi analysis under normal circumstances, the store location should consider the road and the road at the chosen location, because it will directly affect the building structure and store traffic. Usually, the shop floor and the road in a horizontal plane, which is beneficial to the customer and shop, is an ideal choice. But in the actual process of site selection, the road at the good land values are relatively high, the business competition in the choice of position is very fierce, so, in some cases, businesses will have to store the location choice in slope of the road or pavement and shop floor height vary a lot on the lot. In this case, the most important thing is to consider the store’s population, facade, ladder, signs, etc., must be convenient for customers, and eye-catching.

The main effect of

location analysis directions. Orientation refers to the shops located in the direction of position and orientation as the sign to Front Gate. The choice of orientation is directly related to the climate conditions of the store. In the northern city of our country as an example, usually to the north, so the general commercial buildings facing south is the ideal geographical location.

Analysis of the trend of

dianzhi. Refers to the direction of the store where the customer flow. For example, the provisions of traffic management system of our country traffic flow, all right, it is common to develop the right habits, this shop in the choice of location when it should be imported to the right is. Such as stores the location of the road if it is east-west, while the passenger mainly came from the East, the Northeast intersection is the best range; if the road is from north to south, the main passenger flow from the south to the north, in the southeast of intersection is the best.

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