Teach you how to open a pet shop

today, many families have such a member: it is to sell it sometimes clever and adorable master, where its daily life completely need to take care of you, it is your pet! With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more families begin to raise pets, and the cost of pets has become an indispensable part of household expenditure. Therefore, a pet supplies store, profits can be imagined.



: health products for pets, health care function as human beings, including calcium, trace elements, a variety of beautiful hair, help development, bones and so on. For the 8 month in the pups, calcium and trace elements are indispensable, if the lack of any one of them, will cause the body’s growth and development. For example, short stature, hair loss, joint deformation, etc.. Into the dog will need to add the appropriate amount of calcium and appropriate beauty products.

Daily necessities series:

(comb, nail scissors, fossa, traction belt, toys, clothing, toiletries) (various types of dogs and cats bath liquid).

necessities: including comb, nail scissors, fossa, traction belt, toys, clothes etc.. These are also indispensable to the daily pet.

bath products: pet should use special soap, because the pet’s skin is different from humans, dogs do not sweat, neutral skin. How often one bath will destroy the dog’s skin PH, cause hair loss and skin disease. The dog bath products also have a variety of dogs or puppies for etc..

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