The hornet’s nest big business

said the hornet’s nest, most people’s reaction is fear, fear, but people think that it is this terrible hornet’s nest, the inside is you can not imagine the business opportunities and market, may wish to go down!

a wasp, most people will feel the fear. But the Shuangliu County Huanglong Valley, a family of three has special dyadin bother Hornet, they each found a beehive treasure, do not pick fast. In more than and 10 years, they are bored, cellular picked no less than 5000. From this year’s lunar calendar in August, they have taken a large and small cell nearly 400. "It was a big thing to have picked up a 34 inch TV set," he said.

get the market to sell a cellular terminal

in Huanglong Valley, Zhao Rucheng and Luo dyadin wasp "specialist" name ten miles wurenbuxiao. People can often see their cellular Street pulling a tricycle full. Yesterday afternoon, in order to let people open their eyes, just sold out of the cell from the market, they came back from the house carrying a large cell. "Let’s see what you call a hornet’s nest!" Zhao Rucheng will go to the middle of a honeycomb dam, the crowd of people eyes wide surface – brown, evenly distributed winding line pattern. In the face of the foot with honeycomb tire large, to watch the neighbors amazed.

"this little, the largest than doubled in size, at least fifty pounds." Luo dyadin said a few days ago, the honeycomb they removed, only twenty pounds, there is no larvae. Just a few days ago, they took two big bee bags and carried them to the market for $six hundred.

three removal of honeycomb, people are generally division of labor: a man armed to climb up the tree and Miehailing spray in the honeycomb around, then the rope ends in the cellular branch, and then sawed off branches, slowly with the rope honeycomb, and one at the bottom to catch. And after the administration of thousands of wasp part fly, part of a die, a dark fall on the ground. Liu Shurong can’t climb the tree, when choosing a honeycomb, she was in the hundreds of meters away watching, and remind passers-by accidentally sting.

three abstract cellular years, sting became the homely food. But they’re family

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