How to enhance the volume of goods trading shop display

we can often see many shops for the display of goods will be very attention, from time to time to make an adjustment, but also a specialized personnel responsible for, this is decided by the number of deals. In store sales, now there are two kinds of phenomenon worthy of our consideration, one is just the customer into the store, the clerk came up, began to ask customers what they want, then no matter what customers say is not true thoughts, with customers to goods began to introduce, and trying to go to the main direction to push customers to buy goods that pushed the customer is apt to be launched outside the shop.

is another case of some love expression customers often say take a look at the clerk then let customers browse, but these customers are not complete turn around, see if local didn’t find the goods they want, it turned out the door.


shop owner was very distressed, I shop and store image of people almost, popularity is the same, the commodity structure is similar, the quality and ability of difference is not large, why do I always go inside the store and customers from the shop, people walk out is carrying a big bag pouch?

to attract customers to customize the display, to promote the store turnover rate of

customer choice behavior has become the norm in the face of consumer, innumerable goods and stores, the initiative in the hands of customers, which do not buy that house to buy, in which I want to buy where to buy.

customers on products they need professional knowledge more and more familiar, even more than the professional degree is not high, some of the staff, customers are free to choose to love in a relaxed atmosphere in the goods, do not love the clerk "harassment", love through their own assessment of their purchasing decisions.

when the customer when visiting the store, entered the sight of goods seems you want love goods; look at the display with the goods, end product information and price, the total impulse of merchandise into the shopping basket; on the way to the cashier settlement, and just see the product you want, by the way together with the bill.

many excellent retail stores, but the number of customer purchasing clerk reduced, the turnover rate is not reduced, because the display logic of these stores is very strong, can fully attract customer demand, promote consumption reached.

analysis ranking data, the best-selling products on the focal point of the display

some stores to consider the logic of the display, the store is usually done by the function of the general category partition, and then put the goods on the full swing, want to create a feeling of selling goods piled mountains, to meet customer choice!


store is doing, the more often feel display position is not enough, but not thinking more densely >

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