Chinese style red war

for the Chinese people, the holiday is a good day for family reunion, but now a holiday, people will be busy stealing red envelopes, major companies are busy shooting the real red envelopes campaign.

2014 the year before the Spring Festival, a product manager of WeChat will think of red envelopes to migrate to WeChat, never thought that red will become a popular way of social interaction, a very special Chinese marketing tool, a phenomenal product by many Internet platform for reference. 2014 red is popular only in the core of the Internet users within the circle, although WeChat red envelopes are regarded as "Ma" attack on Pearl Harbor actually tied to the card number is only 8 million, that is, red 2014 is just emerging, not universal.

2015 Chinese New Year with the help of CCTV and WeChat red envelopes to be more cooperative, the majority of users, the new year’s Eve to the fifth day for 6 days, WeChat red transceiver total reached 3 billion 270 million times, new year’s day, receiving a total of 1 billion 10 million times. The feeling is the most intense, this year junior high school students, their loved ones home this kind of WeChat group in grab red, red, really into the thousands of households that WeChat failed to spring down nothing, because the popular objective was achieved, the red has entered the era of the people, to see how to play


Red network is no longer a one-man show of WeChat

said network envelopes people first think of WeChat, after all, WeChat invented the red network, and WeChat itself has a substantial user base. However, this is not a one-man show of red WeChat, but WeChat, QQ and Alipay War Within Three Kingdoms, plus micro-blog, Jingdong and other small giant vassal.


and WeChat strength envelopes from the same platform Tencent: QQ.

from the number of users, the Tencent reported a Q3 recommendation

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