Women’s store location skills

comfortable autumn and winter is always very short, cold winter is coming, this season, it is clothing sales season. So now open women’s shop, the best time. So, how to choose?

The basic conditions of


back against the tree, by Yangming

because the newly opened shop, there must be a process of accumulation in terms of visibility or source. Many entrepreneurs boil this stage, mostly in the year after the opening of the collapse. If you store in a well-known store nearby, then congratulations, you can share old accumulated visibility and popularity; if you organize and store the goods is well-known goods complementary, then your store has started preliminary consumer groups (for example, cold drinks and food stalls complementary, lingerie the beauty salon and complementary).

in the bustling business district of the second business store choice

the bustling business district of relatively strong popularity, concentrated consumption, many entrepreneurs become the preferred choice of store. But in the early days, the bustling business district of tens of thousands of yuan monthly, and money transfer fees will make you money too soon. In addition, the bustling shopping district in the large shopping malls regular discounts, gifts, will make your store a serious impact on people. Select the second business benefit is obviously the first store to save a lot of money can be used to store decoration, store goods organization and other hardware upgrades; second is a large shopping center promotional activities are tired, is free to organize their own personality promotion activities; thirdly, the main business district because the distance is not too far, can the main shopping district to share consumer sentiment.

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