Meijiang three one to create high sales of cigarettes

how to sell a product, almost every consumer will have their own views and opinions, and some people with their own experience to create a higher product sales. In Hubei province Zigui County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Mao Ping Department of the market, there is such a customer manager, with their years of cigarette sales experience and Nei courage, from the downturn in the sales situation in the "tight encirclement", has always maintained good results of the first global sales progress, be worthy of the name in the customer service team. "Iron lady". She is Meijiang. Often mentioned, we will unanimously evaluation: Meijiang engage in sales, there is indeed a set!"

"one stop selling cigarettes"

"director Mei, hello!" In June 13th, Meijiang received Mao Ping Zhen Jian Dong Cun Fu Qingsong, director of the phone, "Oh, there is a family for a wedding banquet in the village you have 20" Hongjinlong (soft fine) "is? OK, I’ll help you!"

these words to the side of the colleagues confused: that ye also sell cigarettes sold to the director of the village to go there?


, also from the "change". Originally responsible for the city of Meijiang films, including the county government, the city’s main road and RO ro terminals and other regions. Years of customer manager career, let her find out the different types of market temper: City cigarette and liquor vendor, high-grade cigarette demand, many varieties of "Yellow Crane Tower" (Ying Hong) (Ruan Hong), "Yellow Crane Tower", "Yellow Crane Tower (hard treasures), Yellow Crane Tower (soft treasures)";. Dock the ship into the frequent movement of the population, "plum (soft yellow)", "Liqun (New Edition)", "clouds (soft treasures)" and other more popular. Therefore, in order to guide, Meijiang will be more inclined to these brands.

2014 in January, Mao Ping Marketing Department of customer managers conducted an internal rotation area, the area is also responsible for the city of Meijiang into the original nine miles. Nine miles is the newly developed industrial park in the county, located in the outskirts of Zigui, most still belong to the rural market. Meijiang feel that the market situation has changed, they have to follow the natural way to change.

More and more people now

rural migrant workers, by the usual single retail package is an utterly inadequate measure to boost sales. She put 11 administrative village area ran over, found "things" (local local slang refers to weddings and marriage banquet held) the atmosphere is still very strong, so they decided to take this as a breakthrough, to find a new growth point of sale.

but the problem immediately followed: 11 villages, so many villagers, how to know exactly where home to marry a wife, what do birthday? Zhengchou, television broadcast of the sketch in a "do not take improper village cadres" lines gave her inspiration: Yes, the village, the village director is the most natural understanding! You >

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