U S group and public comment merger is expected

Internet era, online group purchase rising popularity, more and more entrepreneurs strive to occupy a wealth of treasure in this field, so it becomes the key to understand the industry news, as the strength of the brand of the group purchase industry group and the public comments of new news.

the sources, the U.S. group and public comment merger talks are coming to an end, before the 9 days of this month will be announced, but the price is not tanlong, there may be a variable.




and the two sides try to take different routes: the U.S. group focused on hotels, movie tickets, takeaway and other fields, comments are focusing on food as the core of the field, and force in some low frequency service, recently in the flash of Hui business group purchase to force.

Although the

mode, but with the opponent. In the first tier cities in the United States, the public comment are faced with new word of mouth, Baidu Nuomi’s competition, and in the three or four tier cities, the United States mission has been the base camp, Baidu Nuomi, public comment has entered.

2011 in April, announced that the public comment and loved the letter capital, Sequoia Capital, Qiming and light >

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