What is the secret of Chongqing to make people want to eat

said Sichuan, many diners impression is Hot pot, indeed, Hot pot is Sichuan special is the representative of Chongqing, a lot of friends only know not to take food Hot pot to join, do not understand what is in fact take food,   is small; Hot pot, single Hot pot lonely.

Xiaobian bring you what is not well known delicacy shop, but the general public store in Chengdu, commonly known as "flies restaurant", these "flies restaurant" taste better than the regular store, but very comfortable!

in the bar!

see structure store, pay attention to the point estimate of friends, feel that the environment is not so good. If the environment is good, it is not called "flies restaurant", but the environment is not good, does not mean that the boss does not pay attention to health, this shop is open for many years, the boss is authentic in Chongqing, and has a large repeat. Note that this location is a lot of home to sell and take food, but the taste is not authentic, but the taste is very comfortable.

this is the boss secret recipe, is because of this thing, this dish is unique to take home. Of course,   the essence of the boss is not to produce the ~


this is just a small series of jokes, which take food taste really good, and the price is very cheap, full weight! Located in Liucheng night Oh, the last row! Do not admit


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